Tivoli Sesquicentennial Weekend

Tivoli Sesquicentennial Weekend

Tivoli incorporated as a Village 150 years ago back in 1872!

Tivolians near and far! Below is information about our celebratory weekend coming up on June 17, 18, & 19!

The Weekend’s Program of Events:

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We look forward to seeing everyone and coming together to celebrate our Village and our community!

Mayor Joel Griffith
Sesquicentennial Chair Trish Tieger
The Tivoli Sesquicentennial Committee

Meeting Date : March 7, 2022
Download Minutes : Download File

Village of Tivoli

Zoning Board of Appeals

Draft Minutes

March 7, 2022




Jonathan Trombly; Chairperson

Karen Cleaveland

Mark Bennett

Bob Zises

Ethan Palmer

Also Present

Maria Sonevytsky

John Corcoran


Elizabeth Kiefer, alternate



Call to Order

The meeting was held in the Historic Watts de Peyster Hall. It was opened at 7:07 PM.


Old Business

Area Variance – 91 Montgomery St – Minimum Total Side Yard Set-back


Jonathan Trombly began the meeting by stating that a public hearing was scheduled for a variance at 91 Montgomery St. He asked the applicant if there was any new information. No.


Karen Cleaveland made a motion to open the public hearing. Mark Bennett seconded. All in favor. The public hearing was opened at 7:08PM.


Jonathan Trombly asked the applicant to present the project.


Maria Sonevytsky was present to explain the project that requires an area variance at 91 Montgomery St. They recently purchased the property and will be renovating the dwelling. It has had several additions over the years and is currently non-conforming for the required minimum total side yard set-back. They plan to remove a portion of the dwelling on the south side that is 10 feet wide and add back two feet of encroachment, effectively reducing the encroachment on the south side by 8 feet. They plan to add a second story addition that will increase the encroachment on the north side by 6 inches. The project will reorient the rooflines that are currently incomplete. The minimum total side yards is 30 feet and they are requesting a variance of 2’6” to make the total side yard set back 27’6”.


John Corcoran was the only member of the public present. He commented that it looks great and the applicant is actually improving the current set backs.


Jonathan Trombly stated that he saw no reason to deny the requested variance, so the board should proceed to go over the criteria for granting the variance. He read through a draft resolution.


Mark Bennett made a motion to close the public hearing. Bob Zises seconded. All in favor. The public hearing was closed.


Karen Cleaveland made a motion to adopt the resolution as drafted. Ethan Palmer seconded. All in favor. The resolution granting an area variance of 2’6” to the minimum total side yard set back was adopted for 91 Montgomery St.



The minutes from February 7, 2022 were reviewed.


Karen Cleaveland made a motion to approve the minutes for February 7, 2022. Ethan Palmer seconded. All in favor. The minutes were approved.


Mark Bennett made a motion to close the meeting. Ethan Palmer seconded the motion. All in favor. The meeting was closed at 7:27 PM.


Respectfully submitted,


Laura Gail Tyler

Deputy Village Clerk