Meeting Date : August 23, 2021
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Village of Tivoli

Planning Board


August 23, 2021


Present                                                            Also Present

Mike Billeci; Chairman                                    Michele Greig

Lisa Schwarzbaum                               Alexandr Neratoff

Pamela Morin


Donna Matthews


The meeting was held in the Historic Watts de Peyster Village Hall. It began at 7:03 PM.

Old Business

80 Montgomery St. – Site Plan Review

Mike Billeci asked the applicant, Alexandr Neratoff, to update the board on the project.

Alexandr Neratoff stated the parking has been redrawn, so only the utility easement under the driveway of 80 Montgomery St. stands. The attorney for 82 Montgomery has been in touch with the village attorney to adjust the language for that easement and he has been charged with withdrawing the parking easement completely. There have been difficulties reaching the property owner of 84 Montgomery to complete the Maintenance Agreement.

The garage has changed in the interim. It has three bays with a studio/storage space on the second floor. Spiral stairs access the second floor in a silo on the exterior. He hopes to find recycled glazed ceramic tiles for the exterior finish of the stair silo. The only material change to the garage is that water/sewer has been added for a future bathroom.

The house is the same with some minor dimensional adjustments. The front entrance was reconfigured after the initial Planning Board meeting.

He received a request for material samples and exterior lighting earlier in the day, but could not meet the request on such short notice. The house color will be a dark yellow okra with lighter trim, warm white. He didn’t realize that the colors were necessary for the Planning Board review.

Mike Billeci stated that they need to make sure the colors are not “garish.”

Mike Billeci asked if the floor plan has changed because he didn’t remember the foyer. Yes, it was changed after the first Planning Board meeting in response to comments about the front entrance.

Mike Billeci asked what the difference between sheet A003 and A004 is. The difference is in scale. One shows the full parcel the other is at a larger scale.

Pamela Morin asked about the height of the basement. It says 8 feet on the plans. Alexandr Neratoff said that it will redone at 4’ or 5’. The original basement was 8 feet.

Lisa Schwarzbaum asked about the utilities being added to the garage. What will the garage be used for? Alexandr Neratoff answered that originally it was to be storage, but it might be used as an office and now is the time to put the utilities in.

Mike Billeci asked Michele Greig to go over the prepared memo.

Michele Greig started with item #3, the driveway is narrow, less than 10 feet. This would be an issue if there wasn’t space to widen it, but the two trees along the property line could be removed to widen the driveway in the future. She addressed the use of the garage. Accessory apartments and short term rentals are not allowed in Tivoli. She stated that the front entrance to the house has been reconfigured and the porch was widened to 6 feet.

The description on sheets A003 and A004 needs to be updated for the recent variances. The colors need to be noted on the plans. She asked about the materials. Alexandr Neratoff stated the house would be wood clapboard; the garage would probably be the same but a different aesthetic, darker color. Michele Greig stated that the cut sheets for the exterior lighting need to be submitted. They need to be full cut off.

Mike Billeci asked if there were any concerns about colors or materials. No.

The status of the easement was discussed again. The village attorney is waiting for a response from the applicant’s attorney, but the applicant’s attorney is waiting for the property owner at 84 Montgomery.

The language for the variances was discussed. The variance from 2005 should be removed along with “extension granted by easement” and the two new variances should be added dated August 2, 2021 and March 1, 2021.

The Conditional Approval was reviewed. The conditions on page two were reviewed.

Lisa Schwarzbaum made a motion to approve the Conditional Approval. Pamela Morin seconded. All in favor. The Conditional Approval was approved.


Minutes from July 12, 2021 were reviewed.

Pamela Morin made a motion to approve the minutes from July12, 2021. Lisa Schwarzbaum seconded. All in favor. The minutes were approved.

Pamela Morin made a motion to close the meeting. Lisa Schwarzbaum seconded. All in favor. The meeting ended at 7:34.

Respectfully submitted,


Laura Gail Tyler

Deputy Village Clerk