Meeting Date : April 25, 2022
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Village of Tivoli

Planning Board


April 25, 2022




Lisa Schwarzbaum; Chairperson

Mike Billeci

Pamela Morin

Donna Matthews

Bill Shilling

J.P. Ward

Amy Breedlove


Also Present

Kristin Coleman

Chad Phillips



The meeting was held in the Historic Watts de Peyster Village Hall. It began at 7:06 PM.

This meeting marked the beginning of new terms, new members and a new chairperson, Lisa Schwarzbaum. Lisa Schwarzbaum asked everyone to introduce themselves to start the meeting. Bill Shilling has joined the board as a member, and Amy Breedlove and J.P. Ward have joined the board as alternates.


Minutes from April 11, 2022 were reviewed.

Mike Billeci made a motion to approve the minutes from April 11, 2022. Bill Shilling seconded. All in favor. The minutes were approved.

New Business

64 Broadway Store – Site Plan Review

Lisa Schwarzbaum asked the applicants to introduce themselves and to introduce their application. Kristin Coleman and Chad Phillips were present to represent their application. They purchased the property at 64 Broadway. They would like to open a vintage book and furniture store that will be open on the week-ends. There is no plan yet for the second floor. It may be rented by a friend.

Pamela Morin asked whether the second floor has a kitchen and can it be rented as a dwelling. The kitchen is on the ground floor.

Kristin Coleman commented that the major change would be to paint the exterior. Bill Shilling asked whether the existing colors are being used. Yes. Color samples were provided by the applicant.

Lisa Schwarzbaum asked about any changes in the exterior lighting. There will be none. The existing porch light will be replaced in kind.

Chad Phillips commented that the sign will be similar to Winn’s sign, hanging from the edge of the porch roof, parallel to the front of the building.

Parking was discussed. There is no off-street parking currently. If allowed the applicant would like to use the strip of land behind the building for a space or two. Bill Shilling asked whether parking is tied to the current application. Lisa Schwarzbaum commented that the board will need the Village Planner to look at the application to review it.

Escrow was discussed and initially set at $300 to send the application to the Village Planner. Bill Shilling asked about the general process for escrow and engaging the planner and the timeframe of the review process.

Chad Phillips commented that the store will only be open on the week-ends, and only 12-6. Kristin Coleman added that the store will not have high foot traffic as it is a niche store and likely customers will also be patronizing other Tivoli establishments. J.P. Ward asked if the customers will pick up furniture or whether the store will deliver. Loading was discussed. Chad Phillips responded that loading will not be an issue as the largest pieces of furniture will likely be dining chairs.

Pamela Morin asked what percentage of the building will be used for retail and residential. Amy Breedlove commented that the floor plan can be used for square footage. She asked if the space will be used as a short term rental. No.

Amy Breedlove asked if the applicants are married to the chosen colors. Yes, they are the existing colors and they are historically appropriate.

Pamela Morin asked more about the upstairs use. If a friend rents the upstairs, how many people would be upstairs. 1-2. She asked the name of the store. “Available Items”

Amy Breedlove asked about the number and location of bathrooms. There is a full bath upstairs and a half bath downstairs. There were questions about ADA accessibility requirements and who is responsible for review.

J.P. Ward asked about the number of employees. The owners will be the ones to tend shop.

More discussion about parking ensued. Mike Billeci asked whether it is the applicants desire to add parking. Yes, if possible. Parking on Feroe and parking on site were discussed.

Mike Billeci said that the planner will likely request a scale drawing of the site plan.

Pamela Morin asked for clarification of the color scheme for the painting. The porch will be the darker burgundy color. Yes.

Donna Matthews wished the applicants well with their project.

Other Business – Process and Training

Lisa Schwarzbaum commented that she will send the board links for training and information. Amy Breedlove asked about the relationship between planning and zoning. Lisa Schwarzbaum stated that a training session with the Village Planner is needed. The planning process was generally discussed. Bill Shilling asked if every application is referred to the Village Planner and what the criteria are for referral.

Parking and its role in review were discussed generally. Pamela Morin stated that parking is always an issue. Mike Billeci stated that the Village Code for parking was changed. Bill Shilling asked whether parking could prevent a project from moving forward. Lisa Schwarzbaum commented that there are municipal lots. Mike Billeci commented that the store is likely small enough not to require any off street parking. J.P. Ward commented that there are three groups of people for parking: owners/employees, customers and residents.

Amy Breedlove noted comments by the applicants that would seem to change the application including a rental upstairs and parking on site. Pamela Morin commented that it is a difficult parcel. Donna Matthews commented that once the site plan was approved for retail use any type of retail use can come along.

It was generally noted that lighting, noise, parking, colors and the Pattern Book need to be reviewed. Lisa Schwarzbaum will send a link for the Village Zoning Code.

Donna Matthews made a motion to close the meeting. Pamela Morin seconded. All in favor. The meeting ended at 7:45.

Respectfully submitted,

Laura Gail Tyler

Deputy Village Clerk