Meeting Date : March 14, 2022
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Village of Tivoli

Planning Board


March 14, 2022




Mike Billeci; Chairman

Lisa Schwarzbaum

Pamela Morin




Donna Matthews         

Also Present

Michele Greig

Sonja Kostich




The workshop and meeting was held in the Historic Watts de Peyster Village Hall. It began at 7:06 PM.

Old Business

Kaatsbaan – Revised Site Plan

Sonja Kostich, representing Kaatsbaan, returned to the Planning Board to continue with the application for a revised site plan that was originally reviewed in the July 12, 2021 Planning Board Meeting.

Lisa Schwarzbaum made a motion to open a meeting as it was a scheduled workshop. Pamela Morin seconded the motion. All in favor. A meeting was opened.

Mike Billeci asked Michele Greig to go over the new memo that was prepared for the meeting.

Michele stated that it was a Type II action under SEQR.

Michele Greig asked the applicant to clarify the two temporary outdoor stages proposed. She asked if the 2000 sq. ft. stage on the previously approved site plan was essentially to be moved to a new location and whether it had ever been constructed. Sonja Kostich responded that the stage had never been built or used, so yes, the former stage location was to be replaced by the new stages; the request is not in addition to the previously approved stage. Michele Greig stated that the previous approval was essentially lost because the stage had never been constructed.

In the summation of the memo, Michele Greig stated that there were three main issues: noise, traffic and parking.

First Michele Greig clarified that 14 performances were being proposed over six week-ends, 3 in the spring and three in the fall. Sonja Kostich stated that that is a maximum proposal and currently there are no plans for that many.

The Noise ordinance was reviewed. Decibel levels were discussed. The maximum continuous level allowed when measured at the property line is 65 decibels which is the level of a speaking voice. The definition of continuous was discussed.

Sonja Kostich clarified that there is to be the Mountain stage (big stage) in the field with amplified music and the Meadow stage (small stage) to be used for talks and panel discussions.

A discussion of the Mountain stage regarding the location of the audience and the direction of the amplification followed. The direction of the speakers will be east. The location of residential areas (Montgomery St) in relation to that amplification and the affect of topography on the amplification were discussed. Sonja Kostich stated that there is a rise in elevation between the stage and Montgomery St.

Parking was reviewed. Michele asked the applicant to clarify the location of parking, specifically “paddock parking” that was on the original site plan (“car field parking”). Sonja Kostich stated that it had not been developed and, due to the cost of reinforcing the parking area, would not be developed soon. Michele Greig stated that because the parking was not built out, the parking would need to be reviewed. The number of spaces that are on the plan was clarified. Michele Greig questioned whether 500 parking spaces would be enough for 1500 people. Sonja Kostich stated that the number 1500 was what was approved previously, nothing had changed, and it is a maximum, not met to date. Last year the maximum number of tickets for an event was 300.

Traffic was reviewed. A 1995 Traffic Study was referenced but the copy of the study was not available. Michele asked if the applicant had a copy of it. It was stated that there is more traffic now and as the approved site plan had never been fully implemented the impact of it is not known. Strategies to lessen traffic were discussed including moving the ticket collection point farther into the property. Sonja Kostich stated that there is the intention to move that point farther into the property. She also stated that last year there were two events a day and this year it was reduced to one event per day to lessen the traffic. Michele Greig suggested considering using a traffic director at the property line and 9G. Mike Billeci asked who would have that authority as Broadway is a county road and the site plan previously approved events up to 1500 tickets. Michele Greig suggested that because the events were not at peak travel times, the affect would be lessened. Mike Billeci questioned directing traffic down Montgomery Street to reduce traffic at the main 9G intersection. Michele Greig suggested that the Village Engineer could be consulted.

The special permit was discussed. Sonja Kostich asked for the special permit requirement to be clarified because she thought that only the site plan needed to be updated. Michele Greig stated that the Planning Board was considering making annual review a requirement of the special permit. She repeated that because the previous approval had never been executed the impacts were unknown.

Michele Greig stated that the site plan needed additional information to be added such as the audience locations for each stage and the direction of amplification. Those requirements are listed in the memo. She suggested that the applicant respond with another letter such as was submitted for the current meeting. When the changes have been made to the site plan, it will need to be sent to the county for review. There was a discussion about who should review the updated site plan before it goes to the county. To expedite things, the Planning Board authorized Michele Greig to review the site plan for changes.

Michele Greig stated that an Agricultural Data Form needed to be filled out. It was discussed whether there are any farms within 500 feet of Kaatsbaan. Michele Greig said that it should be done and sent out to neighboring properties when they are noticed for the public hearing. There was a discussion of public hearing requirements and noticing. Michele Greig will clarify the noticing requirements upon consultation with state law. Michele Billeci asked for clarification about the difference between the public hearings for site plan and special permit. The special permit requires a public hearing and the site plan does not but as one needs to be held, it would be good to have two simultaneous hearings. The application for the special permit was discussed. It is the same form with a check box for the type of application. The current application was amended by checking the line for special permit in addition to the site plan review, and the applicant initialed the change.

A public hearing was scheduled for April 11, 2022 at 7pm.

Lisa Schwarzbaum made a motion to approve the resolution declaring the action to be Type II under SEQR. Pamela Morin seconded. All in favor. The action was declared to be Type II.


Minutes from October 12, 2021 were reviewed.

Lisa Schwarzbaum made a motion to approve the minutes from October 12, 2021. Pamela Morin seconded. All in favor. The minutes were approved.

Minutes from November 22, 2021 were reviewed.

Pamela Morin made a motion to approve the minutes from November 22, 2021. Lisa Schwarzbaum seconded. All in favor. The minutes were approved.

Lisa Schwarzbaum made a motion to close the meeting. Pamela Morin seconded. All in favor. The meeting ended at 7:55.

Respectfully submitted,


Laura Gail Tyler

Deputy Village Clerk