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Meeting Date : February 22, 2021
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Village of Tivoli

Planning Board


February 22, 2020


Present                                                            Also Present

Mike Billeci; Chairman                                    Michele Greig

Pamela Morin

Donna Matthews


The meeting was held in the Historic Watts de Peyster Village Hall. It began at 7:02 PM.

New Business

LWRP Consistency review – Tivoli Wastewater System Project 2021 Addendum

Michele Greig was present to explain the project presented for Local Waterfront Revitalization Program review. She stated that the previous review was completed in 2018. In that review, the Sewer Treatment Plant was to be repaired, now it will be replaced.

Mike Billeci asked Michele Greig to go over the Consistency Form. She stated that she didn’t believe that the Consistency Form or EAF have changed, only the description of the action. Many of the policies in the Form are not applicable. She went through the form hi-lighting some points. In reference to item 5, the project is on the same site. In reference to items 7 and 7a, the purpose of the project is to improve the water plant to improve the impact on the waterways. There has been concern about the current impact to the White Clay Kill and the fish and wildlife down in the bays. There are no impacts on the Historic and Scenic Resources or on Agricultural Lands.

Mike Billeci asked if there were any questions. Donna Matthews asked if a public hearing was required. No.

Pamela Morin made a motion to find the action consistent with the LWRP. Donna Matthews seconded. All in favor. The action was declared consistent with the LWRP.

Mike Billeci asked Michele Greig how to move forward with new policies for the Planning Board. She stated that she believed that there were changes to be made to the draft proposal that they had prepared. Once changed, the draft should be given to the Planning Board for comment before being presented to the Village Board for approval. Mike Billeci said that one issue that came up was whether to only hold one Planning Board meeting each month and asked what board members thought about this. Donna Matthews asked what the downside is. Mike Billeci said that it might slow things down for applicants. The idea is to create application guidelines that make the process more consistent with no exceptions; it will make the process less hectic. Michele Greig stated that the process needs to be followed. The BIZEO reviews the project first, determines the approvals needed, and then sends it to the Planning Board. They discussed the creation of new referral forms for the BIZEO to more easily and clearly make referrals. Mike Billeci stated the desire to also codify the role of the Village Planner by making an escrow payment a part of the initial application; there should be a fee structure that includes the fee for the planner. Michele Greig said that there could be a pre application meeting and if escrow is in hand, the project could be sent to the planner at the same time as it is sent to the Planning Board. That could expedite applications if it goes to the planner at the same time. There was some discussion about creating editable forms online.

The status of the BIZEO position was discussed. Donna Matthews asked whose responsibility it was to hire the BIZEO. Michele Greig answered the Village Board.

Mike Billeci gave the board an update about a previous site plan approved for 24 Feroe. The owners still needed to fulfill conditions of their approval, including moving the shed away from the property line, but the village agree to hold a bond for its move so that a C of O could be issued.


Minutes from November 9, 2020 were reviewed.

Donna Matthews made a motion to approve the minutes from November 9, 2020. Pamela Morin seconded. All in favor. The minutes were approved.

Donna Matthews made a motion to close the meeting. Pamela Morin seconded. All in favor. The meeting ended at 7:26.

Respectfully submitted,


Laura Gail Tyler

Deputy Village Clerk