Meeting Date : November 9, 2020
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Village of Tivoli

Planning Board


November 9, 2020


Present                                                            Also Present

Mike Billeci; Chairman                                    Jennifer and Stephen White

Lisa Schwarzbaum                               Deb and Eric Benjamin

Donna Matthews


The meeting was held in the Historic Watts de Peyster Village Hall. It began at 7:00 PM.

Old Business

Feroe Avenue – Site Plan Amendment

Mike Billeci began by stating that a revised site plan had been submitted on October 28th and was reviewed. One thing that still needed to be addressed is the porch color. The code states that it should not be garrish or fluorescent.

Jennifer White said that she submitted an email stating their plans for the porch finish. Mike Billeci asked her to put it into words. Jennifer White answered “white” with potentially a brownish stained floor.

Mike Billeci recounted that the architect for the house suggested that cut sheets for the dark sky compliant light fixture could be provided to the building inspector. There is a statement on the site plan that says that the light fixtures will be dark sky compliant. Mike Billeci found that to satisfy the requirement for the site plan.

Donna Matthews commented that she went past the house and thinks that it looks great.

The board read through the resolution for approval and the conditions.

Mike Billeci stated that a note needs to be added about the color of the porch. Stephen White stated that they were not absolutely sure. Deb Benjamin suggested adding the language “historically appropriate” colors instead. The board agreed on that language. It was discussed that the note could be handwritten on all three copies of the site plan. Another condition is that three copies be provided. The applicants already provided two and a third was in hand and was left.

Lisa Schwarzbaum made a motion to adopt the Resolution for Approval of the Site Plan. Donna Matthews seconded. All in favor. The resolution was adopted and the site plan was approved.


Minutes from October 26, 2020 were reviewed.

Donna Matthews made a motion to approve the minutes from October 26, 2020. Lisa Schwarzbaum seconded. All in favor. The minutes were approved.

Mike Billeci briefly discussed policy changes for the Planning Board. He has met with the mayor and the village planner regarding the changes. They discussed reducing the meetings to once a month to allow applicants more time to respond to requests. Donna Matthews asked which day the meeting would be. Mike Billeci answered that it would likely be the fourth Monday of the month.

Donna Matthews made a motion to close the meeting. Lisa Schwarzbaum seconded. All in favor. The meeting ended at 7:25.

Respectfully submitted,


Laura Gail Tyler

Deputy Village Clerk