Meeting Date : July 27, 2015
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Call to Order / Determination of Quorum
The meeting, held at the Historic Watts dePeyster Hall, was opened at 7:03 pm and a quorum
was determined to be present for the conduct of business.

Planning Board Attendees:
Chair Mike Billeci
John Hallstein
Donna Matthews
Pamela Morin

Also Present:
Applicant Peter Sweeny
Trustee Susan Ezrati

Ginger Grab

Old Business
Minor Subdivision – 28 Stonybrook Road: Chair Billeci stated that Michele Greig from
Greenplan reviewed the subdivision sketch plat and submitted a letter with her findings. The
applicant, Peter Sweeny, showed the Board the map with additional information including
contours but he stated that it is basically the same thing that was previously submitted.

  1. Chair Billeci read the numbered comments in the letter from Michele Greig:
    1. She states what the project is.
    2. She states it’s a Type I action under SEQR because of its proximity to the Historic
    Landmark District.
    3. There are Federal jurisdictional wetlands located on and adjacent to the parcel so they
    should be delineated by a third party. Chair Billeci stated he doesn’t know who the third
    party is and would ask Michele Greig to clarify who that would be.
    4. Archaeological Sensitivity – Chair Billeci said that he recently learned that just about
    everything in Tivoli falls under this. An archaeological survey should be prepared. The
    applicant stated that this would cost about $5,000.
    5. She states there are no issues with land conservation district or floodplain.
    6. The applicant should submit a letter from the DEC Natural Heritage Program or US Fish
    and Wildlife or both saying there is or is not a concern about conservation of species.
    7. This is the one that the Planning Board needs to think about the most. How does this
    conform to the Comprehensive Plan? Michele Greig cites some items from the Plan that
    are pertinent: (a) to conserve as much as possible natural features such as fields,
    pastures, woodlands (b) apply Conservation Subdivision Design principle, also known
    as cluster development (c) Comprehensive Plan says apply cluster development to
    prevent elimination or to preserve natural features when possible (d) preserve scenic
    westward views (e) maintain agricultural land use whenever possible (f) The Board will
    have to ask her about this one: north side sidewalk, corridor of roadside trees.
    8. Chair Billeci stated he does not know if this does or does not apply to this subdivision.
    9. Curb cut requires approval from the NYS Department of Transportation.
    10. It should be a shared driveway and it is.
    11. Applicant will have to fill out an agricultural data statement.
    12. LWRP Consistency Determination. A form will need to be filled out.
    13. A public hearing will be needed.
    14. The Town of Red Hook will have to be notified of the public hearing.

Chair Billeci told the applicant that Michele Greig recommended the Board not approve the
sketch plat until they walk the property and the applicant files a full EAF. Mr. Sweeny stated
that he needs to review Michele Greig’s letter. The applicant expressed his frustration and said
he doesn’t know if he can pull it all together, it’s big. He wasn’t expecting this. It’s a big chunk
of time and there’s probably about $10,000 dollars that he was not expecting to spend. Mr.
Sweeny told the Board that there is no intention to build anything here. He says he has to show a house site for the subdivision.

Chair Billeci advised the applicant to fill out the long form EAF and asked him if he still wants
to proceed. The applicant responded that he does for now.

The Planning Board set a site visit for 6:00 pm on July 30 to see what’s on the property now.
The Board would like to see the proposed house sites and the driveways staked.

Donna Matthews moved to receive Michele Greig’s letter. Pamela Morin seconded. All in
favor. Motion carried.


New Business
Site Plan Approval 5 Broadway: The applicant, John Vincent, stated that Steve Cole saw the site and saw the original footings. Bob Zimmerman is going to do a survey. Steve Cole wants to see a map showing the exact position of the corners relative to the line. Mr. Vincent stated that Steve Cole said it was grandfathered.

Chair Billeci told the applicant that the Board would like a copy of the survey and sketches of the elevations and what it’s going to look like.

The Board reviewed the draft minutes from the June 22, 2015 Planning Board meeting. John
Hallstein moved to approve the minutes as presented. Donna Matthews seconded. All in favor.
Motion carried.



John Hallstein moved to close the meeting at 7:48 pm. Pamela Morin seconded. All in favor.
Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,


Claire Roff
Planning Board Clerk