Tivoli Sewer Plant Replacement Project Public Forum 1/24 6:30PM

To all users of the Tivoli Sewer System,

The Village Board of Trustees and the Dutchess County Water and Wastewater Authority will hold an important public information forum on the Wastewater Treatment Plant Replacement Project on Tuesday January 24th at 6:30PM on the 3rd floor of Village Hall. The purpose of this forum is to provide maximum information about this project to those who are served by the facility.

Also present on the 24th will be a representative from Wright-Pierce, the engineering firm who is designing the new sewer plant and pump station.

The forum will be structured thusly:

  • A short description of the Dutchess County Water and Wastewater Authority.


  • A brief history of the Tivoli sewer system and its components: the plant, the collection system, and the pump station.


  • A report of the existing, aged plant and related infrastructure, and the noncompliance events and SPDES permit exceedances which require that it be replaced.


  • A description of the new plant’s design/technology, why it’s needed, and how it will be an improvement.


  • An explanation of the cost of the new plant.


  • Discussion of the collaborative effort to secure various funding sources to help pay for this.


  • A question-and-answer period.

The Tivoli Wastewater Treatment Plant is going to be completely replaced within the next 24 months and it is going to be expensive. I urge anyone who has questions about this critical project to attend this informational forum.

Meeting Date : March 23, 2022
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7:00 PM





Mayor Griffith began the meeting at 7:07 PM.


Present:           Mayor Griffith, Deputy Mayor Majer, Trustee Ezrati, Trustee Baldino, and Trustee Mangieri


Public: None Present


Motion to place the amount of $87,500.00 received from the Tivoli Fire Company in the Fire Capital Reserve Fund to use for the upcoming payment to PSA Studios; motion made by Trustee Ezrati, seconded by Trustee Baldino; all in favor.


RESOLUTION Budget Modifications; motion made by Trustee Mangieri, seconded by Trustee Baldino; all in favor.


Mayor Griffith reviewed the tentative budget with the Board, and provided info regarding specific budget lines.


Dave Rogers of RBC Wealth provided a presentation, via Zoom, with information regarding the LOSAP funds, and how they are being invested.  Trustee Ezrati spoke of the inception of the program, and its’ history.


On a motion made by Trustee Ezrati, seconded by Trustee Mangieri, a public hearing on the 2022-2023 Tentative Budget was set for Wednesday, April 13, 2022 at 7:00 PM at the Historic Watts dePeyster Hall on the 3rd floor.


On a motion made by Deputy Mayor Majer, seconded by Trustee Mangieri, the special meeting was adjourned at 8:56 PM.






Robin L. Bruno

Village Clerk