Meeting Date : August 18, 2021
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August 18, 2021


A meeting of the Village Board of Trustees was held on August18, 2021 at the Historic Watts DePeyster Hall, Tivoli, NY.  Mayor Griffith opened the regular meeting at 7:02 PM.


Present: Mayor Griffith, Trustee Ezrati, Trustee Baldino


Others Present:  Eileen Digan

Media:  PANDA TV

The Mayor asked all present at the meeting to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance.


The Clerk’s report included:

  • 364 Trash tags sold
  • Two payrolls were processed by Village Treasurer, Bonnie Day
  • Laura Gail Tyler continues to support the Planning Board and Zoning Board of Appeals at their meetings
  • The clerk’s Office will be closed on Monday, September 6, 2021 in observance of Labor Day


On a motion by Trustee Baldino, seconded by Trustee Ezrati, the July 21 Regular Meeting Minutes and the August 11 Workshop Minutes were approved, all in favor.


On a motion by Trustee Ezrati, and seconded by Trustee Baldino, the Treasurer’s Report for Abstract #3 totaling $711,846.80  was approved.   Trustee Baldino moved that the bills be paid for the abstracts as presented, Trustee Ezrati seconded the motion, all in favor.


Zoning Report


Trustee Ezrati read the Zoning Report provided by Gary Beck of Z3 Consultants.  Much going on, and Gary and his colleagues have been very busy.



Regular Business


Trustee Reports:


Trustee Ezrati


The street painting festival is coming up, it will take place on either September 25 or October 2.  The registration process will begin shortly after the date is confirmed.  April Marsh will be chairing the event this year.  The number of squares will be reduced by 50%; there will be only 65 squares this year, and they will be 10 feet apart.  More information is forthcoming.  John Ljutich, who has been a generous donor in the past is back on board this year, and the committee will be accepting donations from this point on.


Trustee Baldino


Court Report:  Trustee Baldino read the contents of the report which was provided by Court Clerk McGarry; $1,170.00 was remitted to the Office of the State Comptroller.



Deputy Mayor Majer



Mayor Griffith


Mayor Griffith offered a short report for Deputy Mayor Majer; the Tivoli Free Library is offering amazing things, check their website.  And, as always, deer ticks are quite bad this year, do be careful.


The Summer Recreation Camp has been a huge success.  Thanks go out to Kascia Graham, the Director, and the counselors, Harris Billeci, David Factor, and Emily Rector.  All has gone well, and the inspections by the Department of Health have also gone well; the camp has passed each one.


The repair and replacement of a valve needs to be completed before the old water tower is dismantled.  After the completion of Summer Rec, the tower will be taken down; the process will take approximately 2 weeks.  This project will begin on Monday, August 23 when the valve will be replaced.  Following that replacement, Memorial Park will have restricted use stretching from the Community Garden to the basketball court.


The Shoreline Stabilization project began with a design grant of $50,000.00; following that a grant of $458,000. for the construct of the stabilization of the shoreline.  In September over the course of several weeks, material will be deposited on the shoreline to preserve the parcel.  This will ensure the parcel is in good standing to eventually have the park.


Red Hook’s Hardscrabble Day is approaching, and the Board of Trustees will be marching in the parade.  This event takes place on September 18.  Also on that day, there will be a 5K Benefit Run for children’s cancer research in the Village of Tivoli.  You can check the website,, for information and if you would like to participate and raise money for this charity.


Public Comment


Eileen Digan asked questions about the small trash cans that used to be on the poles throughout the village.  Mayor Griffith mentioned that some time ago, businesses along Broadway had agreed to assist with the emptying of these receptacles, however, after a period of time, the trash cans remained full consistently, and being there are not village employees on staff over the weekend to empty them, it was deemed necessary to remove them to avoid the overfilled trash cans along Broadway.  Another point that was made is that household trash was found in and under the cans a number of times, and by removing them, the overload of trash on Broadway has been reduced.


Eileen asked about the leaking valve along Pine Street, and Mayor Griffith reiterated that this valve would be replaced next week, thereby stopping the leak.


Eileen asked about lighting in the park, and if the lighting by the basketball court could be removed.  Discussion was made up of how lighting can invite trouble to the park at night, however, no lighting would do the same.  Eileen would like the path to be lit for safety, however, asked that the basketball court lights be turned off.  She offered the idea of taking in the basketball nets at night, and that this coupled with lack of light on the basketball court, could reduce the amount of games played after dark.


Eileen thought the pump house in the park would be removed once the tower was dismantled.  The pump house will stay as that is a pump house for a well presently used.


Eileen asked about the bathrooms in the park, and wanted to confirm that they are closed at dusk.  The bathrooms had been prepped for the summer recreation program, and were then locked up following that to ensure the bathrooms would be ready for camp.  They have been being cleaned each day, and following the recreation camp, the bathrooms will remain open until mid October when they will be closed for the season.


On a motion by Trustee Ezrati and seconded by Trustee Baldino, the meeting was adjourned at

7:34 PM, all in favor.

Respectfully submitted,




Robin L. Bruno

Village Clerk