Due to the rain forecast for our original date, WINTERFEST has been moved to 12/10.

2:00PM Keep your eyes peeled for Santa, who will be touring the village with help from the Tivoli Fire Department.

3:30PM @ the Firehouse, Kids crafts and cookie decorating.
Come for hot chili, hot dogs, and hot beverages.

4:45PM @ the Firehouse, Holiday Light-up.

5:00PM-7:00PM Horse drawn wagon rides on Broadway & Merchant and Artists open houses.


Village of Tivoli Public Advisory: Notice of Elevated Lead Levels in Soils at Former Water Tower Site

What is the advisory?

The Village of Tivoli has received soil sample data indicating levels of lead in the soil under the former water tower, in Memorial Park, that are elevated above New York State Soil Cleanup Objectives.

How did we learn about this?

When the old water tower was removed, before and after soil samples were taken as a routine precaution to ensure no lead was released during the take-down. While the before and after samples were found to be the same, both indicated elevated lead levels, meaning the presence of lead predated the removal of the old tower.

What is lead and how can I be exposed to it?

Lead is a heavy metal that is naturally occurring in soils at low levels. Human activity has increased lead levels in soil from sources such as paint and automobile emissions from leaded gasoline. Although the use of lead paint been discontinued since the late 1970s, historic use of leaded products may result in elevated lead levels in soils in the vicinity of buildings and structures historically coated with lead paint.

Exposure to lead in soils commonly occurs when people come in contact with bare soils and soil particles are inhaled or ingested. Having a dense grass or vegetation cover over lead contaminated soils reduces exposure potential.

Lead in surface soils at Memorial Park is very unlikely to affect the quality of the Village’s drinking water. The Village’s water supply is drawn from wells that draw water from the underground aquifer. The Tivoli Water System is in compliance with the Lead and Copper Rule for drinking water.

How is the Village addressing the issue?

The Village has notified the Dutchess County Department of Community and Behavior Health and the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. The Village and its environmental consultant are working with the agencies to develop a plan to determine the extent of lead in the soils near the former water tower and identify appropriate corrective action.

The Village will be restricting access to the area in the vicinity of the former water tower with snow fence. The Village’s environmental consultant will be collecting additional soil data to determine the extent of the soils with elevated lead levels. During this time, we ask that Memorial Park users avoid entering the restricted area.

The Village will provide additional updates through the Village website and email notification system as information becomes available. The assessment of soil lead levels in the vicinity of the former water tower is expected to take one month.

Meeting Date : July 20, 2022
Download Minutes : Download File



July 20, 2022


A meeting of the Village Board of Trustees was held on July 20, 2022 at the Historic Watts DePeyster Hall, Tivoli, NY.  Mayor Griffith opened the regular meeting at 7:05 PM.


Present: Mayor Griffith, Deputy Mayor Majer, Trustee Ezrati, Trustee Baldino, Trustee Mangieri

Media:  PANDA

The Mayor asked all present at the meeting to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance.


The Clerk’s report included:

  • 611 Trash tags sold
  • Two payrolls were processed by Village Treasurer, Bonnie Day
    • Deputy Clerk Tyler continues to assist in the Clerk’s Office, and supports the Planning Board and Zoning Board of Appeals at their meetings
    • Yard Sale Day, Saturday, July 30, 2022, you can sign up in the Clerk’s Office, fee is $10, or if you need rental space, the fee is $20.00. Clean-Up Day will take place on Monday,

August 8, 2022, you can sign up in the Clerk’s Office, the fee is $45.00, and there is an additional fee for larger items.  There are lists for the larger items, and their fees, along with a list for electronics, as well.  The Tivoli Summer Recreation Camp will take place the weeks of August 8 and August 15.  Camp will be in Memorial Park, and will run from

9:00 AM – 2:00 PM.  Registration forms and medical forms will need to be submitted, along with immunization records.


On a motion by Deputy Mayor Majer, seconded by Trustee Ezrati, the June 15 Regular Meeting Minutes were approved, all in favor.


On a motion by Trustee Baldino and seconded by Trustee Mangieri, the Treasurer’s Report for Abstract #2 totaling $75,584.21 was approved.   Trustee Mangieri moved that the bills be paid for the abstract as presented, Trustee Ezrati seconded the motion, all in favor.


Zoning Report


Trustee Ezrati read the Zoning Report provided by Gary Beck of Z3 Consultants.


Regular Business:


RESOLUTION Establishing 2022 Village Clean Up Day; on a motion made by Deputy Mayor Majer, seconded by Trustee Mangieri; all in favor.


RESOLUTION Authorizing Bid Award for Village of Tivoli 2022 CHIPS Paving Project; motion made by Trustee Ezrati, seconded by Trustee Baldino; all in favor.


RESOLUTION Authorizing Acceptance of Spring Duck Play Equipment for Tivoli Memorial Park; motion made by Trustee Mangieri, seconded by Deputy Mayor Majer; all in favor.


RESOLUTION Approving Budget Modifications; motion made by Trustee Baldino, seconded by Trustee Ezrati; all in favor.


Trustee Reports:


Trustee Ezrati


No Report – Trustee Ezrati shared that she enjoyed the drainage project meeting.


Trustee Baldino


Court Report:  Trustee Baldino read the contents of the report which was provided by Court Clerk McGarry; $403.00 was remitted to the Office of the State Comptroller.


Trustee Mangieri


No Report – Trustee Mangieri shared she is excited about the new spring duck for the park.


Deputy Mayor Majer


Deputy Mayor Majer mentioned checking out the Tivoli Free Library and their upcoming events.


In Tivoli Bays, ticks, poison ivy, and deer flies are all out !  Be careful !


Going along with the Sesquicentennial, Deputy Mayor Majer added a “this moment in 1872” portion.  She spoke of an election taking place in the upstairs of Santa Fe years ago.  The Village was voted to become incorporated, and 3 years later the Village Attorney had to register the Village, and 20 years later, it was submitted to the Dutchess County Clerk.  She also spoke about  how the phrase “Tivoli – winging it since 1895” came into play, and how, in the beginning, Frank Ormsby was Village Clerk..  The Deputy Mayor made note that there was a President of the Borad of Trustees; a road tax was collected to improve roadsides; Jacob Feroe was also the Clerk of the Village; and at one time there was a Constable of the Village, who actually resigned only a week following his appointment.


Enjoy nature; it’s good for you!



Mayor Griffith


Tivoli’s Summer Recreation Camp will take place this year during the weeks of August 8-12, and August 15-19; from 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM daily in Memorial Park.  We have returning counselors, and new counselors, as well.  Sign up soon, the deadline is August 1.  Please note registration and medical forms are available, and those will be required, as well as immunization records for all campers.  Our Camp Director this year will be Olivia Couture, and we look forward to seeing everyone.


Tivoli’s Clean-Up Day will take place on August 8.  The fee is $45.00, and an additional fee will be required for larger additional items.  There is a list of acceptable items available.  You can sign up by contacting the Clerk’s Office.  The E-Waste drop-off will be taking place in the gazebo on that same day in the morning; the price list for those acceptable items is also available.


Yard Sale Day is coming up; it will take place on Saturday, July 30, 2022; sign up in the Clerk’s Office.  Those who sign up by July 22 will be added to the map for that day.


Mayor Griffith thanked everyone who attended and participated in the Village’s stormwater infrastructure meeting on Tuesday, July 19.  Tighe & Bond will be conducting a stormwater infrastructure project out in the field.  Along with this, there will be a survey for people to fill out.  Please take the survey, there is a link to it on the website.  The Board wants to understand what’s happening with storm water throughout the Village; your participation will give some answers.  The old and undersized catch basins, pipes, and swales will need some work.  Feel free to upload photos and videos, and let us know what is happening on your property.  Tighe and Bond will then collect all of the information, be out in the field, and will present their conclusions at a later date.


Sesquicentennial was an absolute success!!!  Trish Tieger and 30+ committee members did a wonderful job.   Mayor Griffith thanked Tivoli’s DPW for all of their hard work, they did so much to contribute to the event.  Thanks also went to the Tivoli Fire Department, the American Legion and the Masonic Lodge for their deep involvement in making this a success.  Country Cadillac was a hit, and many thanks to Legion Fireworks for a phenomenal display.  The Block Party on North Road was a lot of fun for so many, and we thank the residents of North Road for their patience.  Many thanks to our donors!!!  As an extension of the event, there will be a 5K Run in September, as well as some theater in the fall.  Between July and August, there will be a collection of Tivoli art at the Tivoli Art Gallery; let’s party like it’s 1872!!!


Trustee Ezrati commented that she thought the parade was in tune with what Tivoli is.  She feels as though it was an appropriate event, as the pandemic is not over; and the outdoor events were perfect.  We all look forward to the celebration when the Village hits its 175 years.


Public Comment


On a motion by Deputy Mayor Majer and seconded by Trustee Mangieri, the meeting was adjourned at 7:33 PM, all in favor.

Submitted by,


Robin L. Bruno

Village Clerk