Meeting Date : April 21, 2021
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April 21, 2021


A meeting of the Village Board of Trustees was held on April 21, 2021 at the Historic Watts DePeyster Hall, Tivoli, NY.  Mayor Griffith opened the regular meeting at 7:09 PM.


Present: Mayor Griffith, Deputy Mayor Majer, Trustee Ezrati, Trustee Schneider, Trustee Baldino

Media:  PANDA TV

The Mayor asked all present at the meeting to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance.


Mayor Griffith welcomed the new Trustee, Peter Baldino.  He went on further to explain that this is this year’s Re-Organizational Meeting.  The last one was in October, delayed from April due to the pandemic; and this is the “brass tacks” meeting.


The Clerk’s report included:

  • 641 Trash tags sold
  • Three payrolls were processed
  • Deputy Clerk continues to hold meetings for the Planning Board and Zoning Board of Appeals; she does continue to work remotely.


On a motion by Trustee Schneider, seconded by Trustee Ezrati, the March 17 Regular Meeting Minutes, March 24 Special Meeting Minutes and the April 14 Public Hearing Minutes were approved, all in favor.


On a motion by Deputy Mayor Majer, and seconded by Trustee Schneider, the Treasurer’s Report for Abstract #11 totaling $33,283.30 was approved.   Deputy Mayor Majer moved that the bills be paid for the abstract as presented, Trustee Baldino seconded the motion, all in favor.


Zoning Report


A Zoning Report was not discussed.


Mayor Griffith welcomed Larissa DeLango, the Village’s new Deputy Building Inspector and Deputy Zoning Enforcement Officer.


Regular Business


Adoption of Re-Organizational Package; on a motion made by Trustee Schneider, seconded by Trustee Ezrati; all in favor.


RESOLUTION Relating to Annual Reorganization, on a motion made by Deputy Mayor Majer, seconded by Trustee Baldino, all in favor, resolution approved.


RESOLUTION Re-Adoption of Code of Ethics, on a motion made by Trustee Ezrati, seconded by Deputy Mayor Majer, all in favor resolution approved.


RESOLUTION Adoption of the 2021-2022 Operating Budget, on a motion made by Deputy Mayor Majer, seconded by Trustee Schneider, all in favor, resolution approved.


The increase percentage was discussed; Mayor Griffith thanked the board for all of their hard work, and went on further to speak about the high costs of health insurance, and how this is an issue in many places, not just in Tivoli.


Trustee Reports:



Trustee Ezrati


Trustee Ezrati spoke about the LOSAP program.  She mentioned the fire department has done a lot of work recruiting this past year, and has new members.  She went on to discuss the point system, and how in the investment program, an award is provided to members when they reach the age of 65.


Trustee Ezrati mentioned the Tivoli Solid Waste Committee has still been working to make the solid waste progam more efficient.



Trustee Schneider


Court Report:  Trustee Schneider read the contents of the report which was provided by Court Clerk McGarry; $290.00 was remitted to the Office of the State Comptroller.


Trustee Baldino


Trustee Baldino chose to provide his first report at next month’s meeting, as he had only recently taken his seat on the board.


Deputy Mayor Majer


Deputy Mayor Majer spoke about the Tivoli Free Library.


Also, there will be a Palatine Cooking demonstration coming up soon with Friends of Clermont.


Montgomery Place is open, however, the restrooms are not.


The RiverKeeper Sweep will take place on Saturday, May 1 down by the river at the end of Broadway.  The event will begin at 10:30 AM.  So many trash items end up in the creek, and ultimately in the river.  Please come help if you are able.


Ticks are out, and so is poison ivy.  Happy Spring!


Mayor Griffith


Taking the lead from Angela Cole in previous meetings, Mayor Griffith did ask residents and visitors to please clean up after your dogs!


The LWRP update is underway.  The committee has had virtual meetings.  This is a long process, and is now on the front burner.  There will be a series of public meetings.  The waterfront area is recognized by the LWRP.


Mayor Griffith thanked DPW for their great work along the side of Village Hall.  They replaced the sidewalk/path laying out the bluestone.


Regarding the water project, restoration portion with the mains should be completed by the end of April.  He acknowledged that it has been a disruptive project, however, the project is providing dependable water infrastructure.  The paving on Broadway should be finished by the end of the week of April 26, and following that they will work on restoring the sidewalk panels.  Luizzi Brothers has been fast and efficient; many residents have complimented them on their professionalism, and the project should be complete in just a couple more weeks.  Mayor Griffith thanked everyone for their continued patience.  There were 5,600 feet of water mains replaced, and the week of April 26 will find the beginning of the painting of “TIVOLI” on the new water tower.  They will begin filling the tower in May, in June the water will be stored in it, and in July the old tower from 1938 will be dismantled.  This will take 2-3 weeks, and during this time, the skate ramp and park equipment will be out of use.


Daffodils are coming up and they are making so many areas of the village beautiful.  Memorial Drive’s access path to the park is looking lovely, as is Broadway where Monument Hill is bursting with daffodils and is truly a wonderful sight.


Public Comment


There was no public comment.


On a motion by Trustee Ezrati and seconded by Trustee Baldino, the meeting was adjourned at

7:35 PM, all in favor.

Respectfully submitted,




Robin L. Bruno

Village Clerk