Meeting Date : January 20, 2021
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January 20, 2021


A meeting of the Village Board of Trustees was held on January 20, 2021 at the Historic Watts DePeyster Hall, Tivoli, NY.  Mayor Griffith opened the regular meeting at 7:05 PM.


Present: Mayor Griffith, Trustee Ezrati, Trustee Schneider, Trustee Cole


Absent:  Deputy Mayor Majer

Media:  PANDA TV

Others Present:  Bonnie Day and Cody Millard

The Mayor asked all present at the meeting to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance.


The Clerk’s report included:

  • Sale of 579 trash tags
  • Two payrolls were processed
  • Deputy Clerk continues to hold meetings for the Planning Board and Zoning Board of Appeals; she does continue to work remotely.
  • The Village Clerk’s Office will be closed Monday, February 15, 2021 in observance of President’s Day


On a motion by Trustee Cole, seconded by Trustee Ezrati, the December 16 Regular Meeting Minutes, December 9 Workshop Minutes, January 13 Workshop Minutes, June 10 Transcription and June 17 Transcription were approved, all in favor.


On a motion by Trustee Schneider, and seconded by Trustee Ezrati, the Treasurer’s Report for Abstract #8 totaling $312,808.13 was approved.   Trustee Cole moved that the bills be paid for the abstract as presented and  Trustee Schneider seconded the motion, all in favor.


Zoning Report


A Zoning Report was not discussed.


Mayor Griffith welcomed Jason Beeman, the Village’s new Deputy Building Inspector and Deputy Zoning Enforcement Officer.


Mayor Griffith summarized the agenda, explained how the public comment period typically worked, and mentioned it was Bryan Cranna who implemented the idea of public comment.  Mayor Griffith opened the meeting for public comments on agenda items only; there was no comment.




Trustee Reports:



Trustee Ezrati


Trustee Ezrati mentioned the Tivoli Solid Waste Committee has been on leave.


Trustee Ezrati spoke about the Red Hook Rotary and how they would be delivering 250 masks to the Tivoli Fire Department.  She briefly spoke about LOSAP.


Trustee Schneider


Court Report:  Trustee Schneider read the contents of the report which was provided by Court Clerk McGarry; $743.00 was remitted to the Office of the State Comptroller.


Trustee Cole


Trustee Cole offered a reminder that although vaccines are out, and being received, please remember to stay 6 feet apart, and continue to wash your hands often.


Deputy Mayor Majer


Deputy Mayor Majer provided a report to Mayor Griffith.


Mayor Griffith


Mayor Griffith mentioned there are virtual tours available for Olana and the New York State firefighter Museum; you can get a pass from the library.  Also, do check out the Book Club, Dungeons and Dragons and Tarot Club through the library.


Do check the websites and Facebook pages for our local historic sites.  The grounds at Olana are open.


Mayor Griffith offered a reminder that the snow ordinance and winter parking rules are in effect; parking permits are available at the Clerk’s Office for $25.00.


Some folks had asked, the temporary paving along Woods Road and Broadway are rough, yes, but they are intended to be such.  Final paving will take place in the spring.


Village Elections will be held on Tuesday, March 16, 2021, at the Tivoli Firehouse from

12:00 PM – 9:00 PM.


Bonnie Day and Cody Millard were present and they thanked the Board for all that they do.



Public Comment


There was no public comment.


On a motion by Trustee Cole and seconded by Trustee Ezrati, the meeting was adjourned at

7:19 PM, all in favor.

Respectfully submitted,




Robin L. Bruno

Village Clerk