Tivoli Summer Dates

Tuesday, July 9th 7PM: INFORMATIONAL FORUM on the cost and schedule for the upcoming SEWER PROJECT (3rd floor meeting room at Village Hall, 86 Broadway)

Saturday, July 27th 9AM: TIVOLI YARD SALE DAY! Registration still open. Call 845-757-2021/email clerk@tivoliny.org for more information.

Saturday, August 3rd 3PM-10PM: TIVOLI COMMUNITY DAY! Games, food, live music, and activities in Memorial Park!

Saturday, August 10th 8AM: TIVOLI CLEAN-UP DAY $50 fee for curbside junk pick-up. Registration required. Call 845-757-2021/email clerk@tivoliny.org for more information.

August 5th- August 16th: Tivoli CHILDEN’S RECREATION CAMP 9AM-2PM for two weeks. Children ages 5-12. Registration open until July 26th. Call 845-757-2021/email clerk@tivoliny.org for more information.


Meeting Date : October 21, 2015
Download Minutes : Download File

A meeting of the Village Board of Trustees was held on October 21, 2015 at the Historic Watts DePeyster Hall, Tivoli, NY. Mayor Griffith called the meeting to order at 7:04 pm.

Present: Mayor Griffith, Deputy Mayor Bruno, and Trustee Majer.
Absent: Trustee Ezrati and Trustee Schneider.

Public: Thomas Crisci, Sr, Karen and Dave Cleaveland and Attorney Chale.

The Mayor asked all present at the meeting to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance.

The Clerk’s report included:

  • Sale of 558 trash tags
  • Two payrolls
  • Attended one Planning Board workshop, one meeting and a public hearing
  • Water/sewer bills mailed September 1- payment collection continues
  • Closed on November 11 in observance of Veteran’s Day

Mayor Griffith:

  • The workshop normally scheduled for November 11 has been changed to November 12 because of the holiday.
  • Green Committee
    • 1000 free bulbs – daffodils, hyacinths and alliums
    • Meet October 31 at 10:00 am at Monument Hill near the Welcome to Tivoli sign.
    • Bring your shovels and gloves
    • Need volunteers including children

On a motion by Deputy Mayor Bruno, seconded by Trustee Majer, the minutes for the September 16, 2015 Regular Board Meeting and the October 14, 2015 Public Hearing were approved, all in favor.

On a motion by Trustee Majer, seconded by Deputy Mayor Bruno, the Treasurer’s Report for Abstract 5, dated October 21, 2015, in the amount of $47,267.92 was approved, all in favor. Deputy Mayor Bruno moved that the bills be paid for the abstract as presented and Trustee Majer seconded the motion, all in favor.

Zoning Report – Mayor Griffith

  • September 21 to October 21, 2015
  • Four new permits issued
    • footing/foundation
    • placement of a 1000 ft garage
    • interior renovations
    • commercial re-roofing
  • Three landlord property registrations
  • Remove existing fireplace insert and replace with a wood burning stove

No correspondence was received by the Village.

Mayor Griffith summarized the agenda and opened the meeting for public comments on agenda items only. There were no comments.
On a motion by Deputy Mayor Bruno, seconded by Trustee Majer, RESOLUTION 22-2015, DATED OCTOBER 21, 2015, A RESOLUTION AUTHORIZING THE SUBMISSION OF THE FISCAL YEAR 2016 DUTCHESS COUNTY COMMNUITY DEVELOPMENT BLOCK GRANT PROGRAM APPLICATION, was approved. Roll call: Griffith: aye, Bruno: aye, Majer: aye. Absent: Ezrati and Schneider.

On a motion by Trustee Majer, seconded by Deputy Mayor Bruno, a new health insurance broker and health insurance plan was approved, all in favor.

On a motion by Deputy Mayor Bruno, seconded by Trustee Majer, RESOLUTION 23-2015, DATED OCTOBER 21, 2015, RESOLUTION AUTHORIZING THE VILLAGE OF TIVOLI TO EXECUTE AN AGREEMENT FOR ENGINEERING SERVICES WITH CRAWFORD & ASSOCIATES ENGINEERING, PC was approved. Roll call: Griffith: aye, Bruno: aye, Majer: aye. Absent: Ezrati and Schneider.

The next regular meeting will take place on Wednesday, November 18, 2015 at 7:00pm at the Historic Watts dePeyster Hall. The workshop will be held at 6:00pm before the meeting. There will be a workshop on November 12, 2015 at the Historic Watts DePeyster Hall at 7:00pm.

Trustee Reports:
Deputy Mayor Bruno

  • Halloween
    • Tivoli Library and the Rec Committee
      • October 24
      • Multicultural day from 10:30 am to 12:00 pm
      • Chips and salsa, parents of different cultures, crafts and activities
      • Village will join in for Halloween celebration afterwards
        • 1:00 pm Costume Contest
        • Different categories – prizes have been donated
        • Trick or treating along Broadway
        • Costume parade
  • Memorial Park
    • Facilities will be closing before Halloween
  • Veteran’s Day
    • November 11 at 11:00 am at Monument Hill
  • Winterfest 2015
    • December 12
    • 2:30 – 4:30 pm, crafts and activities
    • Tivoli Library will have an event also with an author
    • Craft Fair

Trustee Ezrati – Absent

Mayor Griffith:

  • Water/Sewer
    • Water Quality Report
      • Two water samples taken each month
      • No violations
      • Testing every month
      • Two different locations are tested monthly
      • Ecoli and coli form
    • Two water main breaks
      • 44 Woods Road on September 3 and 32 Woods Road on September 9
      • Eight water main breaks on Woods Road since July

Trustee Schneider – Absent

Trustee Majer

  • Court Report
    • $338 remitted to the Office of the State Comptroller
  • Tivoli Library
    • Applied for a Rotary Club grant to fund a girl’s maker’s club
      • Seeking role models in the STEM fields – science, technology, engineering and math.
    • November is national novel writing month
      • Workshops for teens and adults
      • Ongoing Programs:
        • Lego Club
        • Tech geek
        • Knitters and rug hookers
        • Bard partnership programs – art, science and math workshops
  • Historic Resources
    • Clermont
      • Site specific sculpture exhibit “Potential Fields”
      • Legends by Candlelight Ghost Tours
        • Call 518-537-4240 for details
      • Andrew Jackson Donning Symposium
        • October 24
        • At Marist College
        • To celebrate the 200th anniversary of the “Father of American Landscape Architecture”
      • Palatine Farmstead cookout
        • November 1 from 2:00 – 6:00 pm
      • Red Hook Chocolate Festival
        • November 7 from 11:00 am – 5:00 pm
        • Various locations throughout the village
        • Elmendorph Inn: The History of Chocolate in Red Hook
        • Skateboard races
  • Environment
    • Hunting season has begun – be aware in Tivoli Bays – be careful!

Mayor Griffith

  • Broadway
    • Striping Update
      • County did not complete striping due to cars on the road
      • Lines have been marked and areas will be blocked off to stripe properly
      • Firehouse lanes have been striped
  • Water/Sewer Study
    • One month into the study
    • Four hour meeting held today
    • T&B (Tighe and Bond) Engineering was chosen for the water/wastewater system grant study
    • This is the priority segment of the study
    • Engineers have inspected sewer and water systems – results were given today
    • The study will conclude in December
    • Citizen Committee:
      • Pat Hogan
      • Marty Clarke
      • Angela Cole
      • Glenn Baker
    • The study is on schedule
    • Six weeks will show financials
    • Price to do the work
    • Grant funds have allowed the study
    • It can be used for keeping the current system or turning it over to the DCWWA
  • Green Committee
    • Four new trees to fill in the sidewalk areas
  • Shared Services
    • The Town of Red Hook, along with the Villages of Red Hook and Tivoli, recently completed a Highway Shared Services Study
    • Intended to improve highway services provided while maintaining or reducing costs
    • The study findings recommended that the departments implement a shared highway administration and data collection program, as well as a shared capital planning and purchasing program
    • This grant application is submitted in pursuit of implementation assistance for putting the study’s recommendations into action
    • A shared highway administration and data collection program, as recommended in the study, is intended to maximize efficiency of staff, equipment/vehicles and materials in each of the three departments
    • A shared capital planning and purchasing program is expected to allow for enhanced long-term planning, improved access to necessary equipment and also increased frequency with which the departments can make joint equipment purchases
    • If awarded, funds would be used to hire temporary support for assistance with business process re-design and with inventory of remaining assets including roadway (streets, drainage, signs, lights, trees), water (plant, distribution system, storage, etc.) and parks (land, buildings, equipment, etc.) assets
    • Funds, if awarded, would also be used for one-year salary and fringe benefits for Data Entry Clerk required to implement shared administration and data collection
    • Second grant application is for $81,250 with a projected savings of $60,000.

Public comments centered on subdivisions and allowing apartments on five acre lots, fire calls, vandalized flag pole on Montgomery Street, one way sign to be painted on Feroe Avenue on the road bed, and daffodil bulbs.

On a motion by Deputy Mayor Bruno and seconded by Trustee Majer, the meeting was adjourned at 7:55 pm, all in favor.

Respectfully submitted,


Linda Gonnella
Village Clerk/Treasurer