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Meeting Date : August 26, 2013
Download Minutes : Download File

Call to Order / Determination of Quorum
The meeting, held at the American Legion, was opened at 7:05 P.M. and a quorum was
determined to be present for the conduct of business.
Planning Board Attendees:
Chair Mike Billeci
Leigh Palmer
Donna Matthews
Also Present:
Foster Reed (applicant)
Village Planner Michele Greig
Ginger Grab
John Hallstein
New Business
Demolition Permit – 11 Friendship Street: Applicant Foster Reed stated that the property
needs new electric, new roof, new plumbing, it has no septic, no parking and has not been
maintained since 1960. He stated that he’s talked to his neighbors and they would be happy if
the house came down. The applicant submitted a sketch of what the site would look like after
the house is taken down.
This property is in the Historic Overlay District. The Board can contact the State Historic
Preservation Office (SHPO) if they have any questions. The Board reviewed a document
concerning this demolition from Michele Greig (attached) in which she quotes from the Village’s
Zoning law. Ms. Greig stated that this would be a Type I action under SEQR and the applicant is
required to fill out a full EAF, LWRP form and supply the information below:
A brief description of the structure proposed to be demolished, including approximate date of
construction, name of architect, if known, historic and/or architectural significance, and a
description of the setting, including related grounds, accessory buildings and structures and
property boundaries.
Past 10 years’ chronology of the use, occupancy and ownership of the property.
Any other information specific to the demolition required by the Planning Board to make a
determination on the application, including data to demonstrate compliance with the criterion for
approval set forth below.
After this information is provided to the Planning Board, five days before the workshop on
September 9, a public hearing can then be set up. The SEQR can be reviewed in a workshop.
The Planning Board would like to take a tour of the site. Mr. Reed stated that someone would
contact the Clerk’s Office to set this up.
Ms. Greig stated that this demolition would not require a site plan approval or a special permit,
only a certificate of demolition. The Planning Board Clerk will modify the application to reflect
The Board reviewed the minutes from the May 28, 2013 Planning Board Meeting. Donna
Matthews moved to approve the minutes as presented. Leigh Palmer seconded. All in favor.
Motion carried.
Leigh Palmer moved to close the meeting at 7:32 PM. Donna Matthews seconded. All in favor.
Motion carried.
Respectfully submitted,
Claire Roff, Planning Board Clerk