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Meeting Date : May 28, 2013
Download Minutes : Download File

Call to Order / Determination of Quorum
The meeting, held at the American Legion, was opened at 7:05 P.M. and a quorum was
determined to be present for the conduct of business.
Planning Board Attendees:
Chair Mike Billeci
Leigh Palmer
John Hallstein
Donna Matthews
Also Present:
Trustee Susan Ezrati
Trustee Joel Griffith
David Weiss
Ginger Grab
Old Business
Special Permit and Site Plan for bus shelter on Pine Street: Chair Billeci noted that the
application is for a special use permit for a bus shelter, not a bus stop or about locating the bus
stop. The Board agreed that there is no problem seen with the bus shelter being there. It is an
acceptable permitted use. The drawings submitted by Trustee Griffith on behalf of the Village
of Tivoli were reviewed again by the Board. A discussion followed.
Leigh Palmer made a motion to approve the application for a special permit for the Tivoli bus
shelter on the south side of the water tower, on the north side of Pine Street. The Board also
approves of the shielded light post that will be there. The setbacks are accordance to where a
bus shelter will be. The maintenance will be performed by the Village of Tivoli DPW. John
Hallstein seconded. All in favor. Motion carried.
Amended Site Plan – 52 Broadway (Santa Fe): David Weiss, owner of Santa Fe, appeared
before the Board. There was a complaint about the location of one of his dumpsters being too
close to Washburn. Mr. Weiss brought a drawing of the location of the dumpsters behind Santa
Fe. A discussion followed.
Leigh Palmer moved to accept the Santa Fe application for an amended site plan concerning the
relocation of their dumpster enclosure. There will be two new enclosures with a cyclone fence
with visual screening. The grease dumpster will face Washburn Avenue and have its own
enclosure. The current cardboard dumpster on the north side of the dumpsters will have a new
enclosure and the garbage dumpster will be in the middle. There will be stockade fencing
around the dumpsters. John Hallstein seconded. All in favor. Motion carried.
The Board reviewed the minutes from the April 22, 2013 Planning Board Meeting. It was noted
that a correction was needed on the second page. The Special Permit and Site Plan Amendment
was for a bus shelter and not a bus stop. Leigh Palmer moved to approve the minutes as
amended. John Hallstein seconded. All in favor. Motion carried.
Donna Matthews moved to close the meeting at 7:47 PM. Leigh Palmer seconded. All in favor.
Motion carried.
Respectfully submitted,
Claire Roff, Planning Board Clerk