Halloween in Tivoli: Pumpkin Promenade at the Park!

The Plan for HALLOWEEN: Save the Date! Saturday, October 31st 4:30-6:30PM at Memorial Park. (If weather forces cancellation, there will be no rain date.)

Many families in the Village have been talking and wondering about what to do for Halloween this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Village of Tivoli Board of Trustees is strongly discouraging traditional door-to-door trick-or-treating this year.

But . . . The Village of Tivoli and the Tivoli Free Library are organizing an alternative event that we think will be really fun and much safer. We will host a Pumpkin Promenade! A Jack-o-Lantern Jaunt! in Tivoli’s Memorial Park. We will create a one-way trail around the park along which we invite participants to bring and place their jack-o-lanterns at safely spaced intervals. You are invited to show off your creations, to make a display as simple as one jack-o lantern or several, on the ground or bring a folding table or stool for your jack-o-lantern(s) if you wish. Please be ambitious!

Your jack-o-lanterns can compete for the best in various categories: scariest, funniest, most detailed, most clever, cutest and best in show.

Dress up and show off your costumes.

At the end of the trail there will be a prepackaged candy grab-bag which kids can collect. We are soliciting donations of individually pre-wrapped candy at the Clerk’s office between now and Wednesday, October 28th. Please consider helping us by donating a bag of candy!

We challenge you to light up our park with a blaze of Jack-o-lanterns! (But bring please a flashlight as well).

This is how it works. Preregister for this free event by Wednesday the 28th at https://bit.ly/TivoliPumpkinPromenade<https://tivoliny.us3.list-manage.com/track/click?u=db32a6873991aa156ac2f8920&id=3c59f35ae3&e=2d2a6fbdf1> or call the Tivoli Free Library at 757-3771. Arrive between 4:30 and 5 pm, select a flagged location and position your pumpkin. Flags will be positioned to mark safe spacing.  Judges will stroll at 5:45 and announce category winners by 6. All jack-o-lanterns must be retrieved by 7:00PM.

Participation in this event is limited to Tivoli residents and Tivoli businesses.

Masks are required, and not just the scary kind!!!!

Meeting Date : October 15, 2012
Download Minutes : Download File

Call to Order / Determination of Quorum
The meeting, held at the Historic Watts dePeyster Hall, was opened at 7:04 P.M. and a quorum
was determined to be present for the conduct of business.
Planning Board Attendees:
Chair Mike Billeci
Leigh Palmer
Ginger Grab
Donna Matthews
Also Present:
Applicant Jesse Feldmus
Applicant Tim Voell
Applicant Pamela Morin and Project Coordinator John Palmucci
David Cleaveland
John Hallstein
Old Business
76 Broadway (Murray’s) – Site Plan Amendment: Applicant Jesse Feldmus brought in the
amended site plan showing the location of the string lights and speakers on the back patio. The
speakers are to be faced 25 degrees down, 40 degrees inward and will remain at a height of 7.5
feet. Ginger Grab made a motion to approve the site plan as amended. Donna Matthews
seconded. All in favor. Motion carried.
8 Friendship Street – Site Plan Amendment: Applicant Tim Voell brought in the plans for a
fence on the west side and north side of his property. He showed the Board a picture of what the
stockade fence will look like. Mr. Voell stated that he spoke with his neighbor on the north side
and they are in agreement with the fence. They would like it to remain bare wood on their side
and Mr. Voell will paint his side white. The applicant showed a picture of the original fence that
was around the house and he stated that he wants to replicate the posts and the location as much
as possible. Chair Billeci stated that the fence in front will look good and that the neighbors
wanted the fence on the side for separation. The Board had no issues with the project. Leigh
Palmer moved to approve the amended site plan. Ginger Grab seconded. All in favor. Motion
New Business
Pamela Morin Project – Site Plan Review: Pamela Morin presented her plans for building two
apartment houses which will face Pine Street on the parcel behind Milagros. There will be six
apartments in each building. There will be a common, grassy area between the buildings. The
buildings would be gabled and have porches. Each apartment would have two bedrooms, a small
den and two bathrooms. The applicant also stated she would put in a walkway on the western
side of the property so people could walk from Pine Street to Broadway.
A discussion followed. The applicant was informed that since this is a very large project it will
have to go before the village’s engineer, planner and attorney for review. Ms. Morin will need to
include with her site plan application and long SEQR form the plans for drainage, outdoor
lighting, elevation, floor plans, tree location, water/sewer, and parking. Ms. Morin stated she
will bring six copies of her plans to the Clerk’s Office and will also leave an escrow check,
amount to be determined, with the Clerk at that time.
The Board reviewed the minutes from the September 17, 2012 Planning Board Meeting. The
sentence Chair Billeci pointed out that they were in violation of their site plan and that is the
reason they needed to return to the Planning Board was added to the sixth paragraph on the
second page. Ginger Grab moved to approve the minutes as amended, Leigh Palmer seconded.
All in favor. Motion carried.
Ginger Grab moved to close the meeting at 7:50 PM. Donna Matthews seconded. All in favor.
Motion carried.
Respectfully submitted,
Claire Roff, Planning Board Secretary