Halloween in Tivoli: Pumpkin Promenade at the Park!

The Plan for HALLOWEEN: Save the Date! Saturday, October 31st 4:30-6:30PM at Memorial Park. (If weather forces cancellation, there will be no rain date.)

Many families in the Village have been talking and wondering about what to do for Halloween this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Village of Tivoli Board of Trustees is strongly discouraging traditional door-to-door trick-or-treating this year.

But . . . The Village of Tivoli and the Tivoli Free Library are organizing an alternative event that we think will be really fun and much safer. We will host a Pumpkin Promenade! A Jack-o-Lantern Jaunt! in Tivoli’s Memorial Park. We will create a one-way trail around the park along which we invite participants to bring and place their jack-o-lanterns at safely spaced intervals. You are invited to show off your creations, to make a display as simple as one jack-o lantern or several, on the ground or bring a folding table or stool for your jack-o-lantern(s) if you wish. Please be ambitious!

Your jack-o-lanterns can compete for the best in various categories: scariest, funniest, most detailed, most clever, cutest and best in show.

Dress up and show off your costumes.

At the end of the trail there will be a prepackaged candy grab-bag which kids can collect. We are soliciting donations of individually pre-wrapped candy at the Clerk’s office between now and Wednesday, October 28th. Please consider helping us by donating a bag of candy!

We challenge you to light up our park with a blaze of Jack-o-lanterns! (But bring please a flashlight as well).

This is how it works. Preregister for this free event by Wednesday the 28th at https://bit.ly/TivoliPumpkinPromenade<https://tivoliny.us3.list-manage.com/track/click?u=db32a6873991aa156ac2f8920&id=3c59f35ae3&e=2d2a6fbdf1> or call the Tivoli Free Library at 757-3771. Arrive between 4:30 and 5 pm, select a flagged location and position your pumpkin. Flags will be positioned to mark safe spacing.  Judges will stroll at 5:45 and announce category winners by 6. All jack-o-lanterns must be retrieved by 7:00PM.

Participation in this event is limited to Tivoli residents and Tivoli businesses.

Masks are required, and not just the scary kind!!!!

Meeting Date : May 15, 2013
Download Minutes : Download File

A meeting of the Village Board of Trustees was held on May 15, 2013 at the American Legion Tivoli Commons, NY. Mayor Cranna

called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.

Present: Mayor Cranna, Deputy Mayor Leedy, Trustees Ezrati, Bruno and Griffith, Attorney Christine Chale and PANDA film

representative Steven Roberts.

Public: Radley Glasser.

The Mayor asked all present to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance.

Paul Finch, Bruce Martin and Perry Sheldon gave a presentation on behalf of the Red Hook Central School District’s upcoming


The Clerk’s report included the sale of 438 garbage tags, attendance of a Planning Board Meeting and Workshop, ZBA meeting, two

payrolls, preparation of tax roll for submission to Dutchess County and preparing for the closing of the fiscal year.

Mayor Cranna presented the minutes of the April 17, 2013 Regular Board meeting, and the April 12, 2013 Re-Organizational Meeting

and the April 24, 2013 Budget Workshop. A motion was made by Deputy Mayor Leedy, seconded by Trustee Griffith to approve the

minutes. After a brief discussion, the minutes were approved, all in favor.

The Village will be closed on Monday, May 27 in observance of Memorial Day.

On a motion by Deputy Mayor Leedy, seconded by Trustee Griffith, the Treasurer’s Report for Abstract 11, dated May 15, 2013, in the

amount of $38,900.78, was approved. Trustee Bruno moved that the bills be paid as presented and Trustee Ezrati seconded the

motion, all in favor.

Zoning Report- Trustee Ezrati

  • Two building permits issued -$100 in fees collected
  • Construction is significant

On a motion by Deputy Mayor Leedy, seconded by Trustee Ezrati, Resolution 20-2013, dated May 15, 2013, ESTABLISHING A


524 was approved. Roll call: Leedy: aye, Ezrati: aye, Bruno: aye, Griffith: aye. The public hearing was set for June 19, 2013

at 7:00pm at the American Legion, 8 Tivoli Commons, Tivoli, New York.

On a motion by Trustee Griffith, seconded by Trustee Ezrati, Resolution 21-2013, dated May 8, 2013, ENDORSING ADOPTION



On a motion by Trustee Griffith, seconded by Trustee Ezrati, the Mayor was authorized to sign the contracts in the amount of

$3,900 to upgrade the Water/sewer billing system with SCA, with an annual maintenance fee of $700, all in favor.

On a motion by Trustee Ezrati, seconded by Trustee Ezrati, Resolution 21A-2013, dated May 21, 2013, PROVIDING AN




Mayor Cranna noted that as part of the Village’s efforts to save money, the Dutchess County Shared Services Expendable Supply

Catalog will be used whenever possible to purchase supplies.

Trustee Bruno – Tivoli Rec Program will now be a Summer Camp

  • June 24 through July 26
  • 9:00 am to 12:00 pm
  • Waiting for Board of Health Approval for summer camp program
  • Arts & crafts, board games and more sports
  • Basketball court has been repaired
  • Additional forms for parents to complete including immunization forms
  • Free for Tivoli residents
  • Small fee will be established for non-residents
  • One year of kindergarten to be completed, up to 12 years old

Intercoms have been places on the basement level of Village Hall as the elevator is not operating. The intercom may be used by

persons who are physically unable to access the Clerk’s Office.

Treasurer’s Report will be placed on the Village’s website, www.tivoliny.org beginning in June with the new fiscal year.

The next Regular Meeting will take place on June 19, 2013 at 7:00pm at the American Legion. The workshop will be held at 6:00pm

before the meeting. There will be a workshop on June 12, 2013 at the American Legion at 6:00pm.

Trustee Reports:

Deputy Mayor Leedy:

  • Dutchess County Sheriff

o 97 calls in April

Trustee Ezrati:

  • Fire Department

o Additional equipment is needed

o Town of Red Hook funds received

  • ZBA

o American Legion transfer variance granted

  • Planning Board

o Very active

Trustee Bruno:

  • Memorial Park

o Ball park infield re-vamped

o Ball park fence will be replaced soon

o Bathrooms and dugout will be painted

  • Library

o Ongoing programs and events

  • Memorial Day Event

o Hosted by the Harris Smith American Legion Post of Tivoli.

o The ceremony will be held at the Historic Red Church (9G in Tivoli) at 10AM on Memorial Day, May 27th.

o Open to the public and residents are encouraged to attend.

o Contact Tom Mabie at 757-4489 for more information

Trustee Griffith:

  • Court Report – net fees collected in the amount of $1,945.
  • Well Report
  • Water Report

o Water quality is tested monthly and has a clean bill of health for April

o Water mains flushed throughout village in April

o Well Depths:

  • Ball lot 183 ft,
  • McKnight 54 ft
  • 2PW 33 ft
  • 5 PW 245 ft
  • 4PE 50 ft
  • 10PE 60 ft
  • Annual Clean Up day was April 27

o 19 volunteers

Deputy Mayor Leedy resigned from the Board as of June 1, 2013. He will no longer reside in the village.

On a motion by Deputy Mayor Leedy, seconded by Trustee Bruno, the 2013/2014 Tax Warrant in the amount of $430,617 was

approved. Roll call: Leedy: aye, Ezrati: aye, Bruno: aye, Griffith: aye

The Mayor asked that the meeting be closed in honor of Peter Sturges.

On a motion by Deputy Mayor Leedy and seconded by Trustee Bruno, the meeting was adjourned at 7:40 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Linda Gonnella

Village Clerk &Treasurer